1989: Theo Verwey is the Founder of NAD Therapy - based on: NAD+ (not on NADH,NADP, NADPH or other NAD+ derivatives or precursors eg. Nicotinamide, niacin.

1991: Theo Verwey is the Formulator of first-ever oral NAD supplement followed by various NAD related supplements culminating the latest NutriPYN 90 formula

1999: Co-author with Dr Daan Steyn of Dreams for Fragile People

2000: Author of NAD and Energy Metabolic Deficiency Related Syndromes

2000: Formulator of the NAD Energy Deficiency blood tests based on available biomarkers (available at national pathological labs)

2002: Author of Wake Up! EMD (Energy Metabolic Deficiency) Sufferers can Rise and Live!

2003: Author of NAD Therapy, Too Good to be True. Foreword by Dr Abram Hoffer the famous Canadian Psychiatrist and Biochemist
Since 2000: Thousands of NAD Energy Deficiency Energy Blocks were calculated for more than 150 diseases diagnosed by independent health practitioners.

2009: Theo Verwey Formulated the NAD Energy Deficiency blood tests based on Point of Care finger-prick blood tests

2018: Theo Verwey's Latest NAD Therapy formulation - NutriPYN 90 - based on
- practical and clinical experience in a multi-professional treatment setup on an out-patient basis since 1989
- more than 12 000 patients of all ages
- collaboration and feedback from both local and international health practitioners and grateful families
- interpretation and application of thousands of research articles
- thousands of blood test results from pathological laboratories and finger-prick blood test
- interpretation and application of thousands of internationally excepted psychometric test results